Baptism and Christening St Francis Mackworth

Baptism (Christening)

You may be considering baptism (or a Christening) either for yourself or your child. If you'd like to know what that means and how to go about it this, you can read more on the Church of England christenings website, which is very helpful in telling you what you need to know.

Baptism Service

Here at St. Francis we hold Baptisms on the Third Sunday of the month at 11:00. We ask you to come to our Franky's Cafe Church Service as this is most likely the style of service a young child or baby will enjoy, plus there is a free breakfast. After the service we will plan your special day and we will hold a rehearsal so we would like parents and Godparents to attend.

If you'd like to find out more about you  or a family member getting baptised at St. Francis, please get in touch