Getting Married St Francis Mackworth

Getting Married

On coming into St. Francis, people often comment, "Wow I never knew it was so pretty inside!" 

We love weddings and we would love if you live in our Parish for you to celebrate your special day here. The Church of England weddings website has really good information on how to get married at St. Francis. 

Reading your banns

If you live in Mackworth but are getting married in another church then you will need to contact Fr Alasdair directly to arrange to have your Banns read at St. Francis.

Wedding Blessing

Alternatively you may like to have a Wedding Blessing for a whole host of reasons. Be it, "I had a wedding abroad and friends and family want to celebrate", "life’s been complicated", "money is tight", or "I just want to renew my wedding vows at a special anniversary".

A wedding blessing might be just perfect for your situation. These come with very minimal costs and have a great degree of flexibility to them so we can make the service perfect for what you want to celebrate together.


For all costs to do with weddings, reading your banns, marriage certificates and funerals, please see our costs page.

If you'd like to find out more about marriage or a wedding blessing at St. Francis, please get in touch